Candle Care by Feels Like Home Cy

Hello there candle lover. This is me – Your new
fresh handcrafted soy candle.

I promise I will inspire you, and create the
perfect atmosphere, if you treat me right. So I have a few rules for you:

Rule no.1

When you light me up for the first time, allow me
burning for a minimum of 2 hours. As a soy candle, I have a strong memory and
this will allow me to have a full wax pool and you will avoid your worst candle
nightmare, tunneling*.

*Tunneling is when there are wax walls around your
candle due to it not fully burning.

no. 2

Burn me for a maximum of 4 hours at a time. As I am
made from natural ingredients, I am toxin and smoke free. However if you burn
me for longer than four hours you may notice the wax pool becomes large
resulting larger fire and smoke.

First of all thank you for your support and love!
We highly appreciate for trusting our small business and letting us in your


Between each burn ensure you trim my wick. This can
be done by breaking off the top of the wick with the tip of your fingers.
Please ensure you don’t cut the wick as you could cut it a bit too short.


Never leave me on unattended – especially with

Oh and don’t forget! You can use me as a body balm
for knees, heels, hands while I am burning! I promise I will make your skin
silky smooth with all my natural ingredients!

We hope you enjoy your
candles and may your place always be full of light, beautiful scents and love!

With lots of love

Feels Like Home

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